Simply add water to create this one-pot, organic, gluten-free and vegan superfood meal!

Kitchari products are available in three varieties and two sizes:
Large (4-6 servings) and Small (2-3 servings).

Not just Kitchari!

Myrica also makes varieties of DalKauai Chai tea and sells additional Ayurveda products!

Kitchari Varieties

Delicious Digestion

with cumin, coriander and fennel, following the classic digestive formula of traditional Ayurveda. Learn More…

Adapt & Enhance

with cardamom, green curry leaf, ashwagandha and shatavari plus more adaptogen tonic herbs. Learn More…

Restore & Replenish

nutrient rich and restorative with superfoods including moringa, and holy basil. Learn More…

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