About Myrica Morningstar

Myrica Morningstar is our Kitchari Queen.

She’s been practicing Ayurveda for over 25 years and is committed to helping others re-member their true nature as an integral part of nature. Myrica Morningstar brings a radiant presence to life which emanates contagious joy. She is deeply committed to living in love, harmony, beauty and bliss.

Myrica shares: “Over years in my Ayurvedic Practice I have prepared Kitchari for hundreds of people. Countless times I have heard, ‘Oh My God! What is this food? It’s SO good!’ ..and ‘You have to teach me how to make it!’
…And of course, I taught them! What I found though, is that many people would ask me to make it for them because they didn’t have all the spices, or theirs just didn’t come out as good as mine… So, the inspiration to make Kitchari packs was hatched.”

Myrica shares her Ayurvedic knowledge through Panchakarma retreats and teachings. Learn more about Panchakarma at AyurvedaBliss.org

Home Grown

Myrica along with her partner Tim, are directly involved with the growing and processing of many of the herbs and spices used at their home farm, Olana Organic Farm, on Kauai, Hawaii.

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Olana Organic Farm in Kilauea, Kauai

Shortly after arriving at Olana Farm in 2012 Myrica planted a mandala Medicine Garden. It started out as an experimental garden to see what would thrive there. Now it provides most of the herbs in our kits!